OOO Sellwin-Pro is Production Company, part of the group of companies Sellwin.

       Our specialization is production of household chemical goods for home. Launching own line took place in 1996, and since then a small manufacturing facility has grown to the company, equipped with the most modern equipment, a private laboratory, experienced and qualified personnel.

        Today we offer to our customers a wide range of household chemicals of own brands, rightfully won love and recognition of customers:

- Formula 911 is cleaners for plumbing, maintenance of sewage, descaling of household appliances.

- Clean Tone is dishwashing detergents, kitchen surfaces, floors, bathrooms.

- Washing Tone is liquid and granular laundry detergents, conditioners, bleaches, stain removers, water softeners..

- Hozyayushka is dishwashing detergents, glasses; a wide range of household goods; powdered and liquid cleaning agents, products for cooking.

- Belizna-Blesk is universal bleach and disinfectant based on sodium hypochlorite.

        In addition to its own brands, we offer production on a contract basis (private label) to our customers:

- We develop unique formulae or offer ready-made solutions

- We select and develop packaging

- We provide full documentary support 

      Our strategy - is development and improvement of production, which allows us to use the most advanced solutions and to provide consistently high quality of products..

We are trusted by major retail chains and millions of buyers.


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